There is a 'Private Dog Playground' at the 'Siheung Equestrian Healing Experience Center'

Entrance to Siheung Horse Healing Experience Center

I stopped by because I had something to see in Siheung, and on my way home, I passed the 'Aseco Valley Golf Club', and I accidentally found a dog running there with a banner that said 'Dog Playground' next to the road.
'This is an equestrian arena, but is there a dog park?'... I stopped the car out of curiosity and went inside the riding arena. As you enter through the entrance, you are greeted by two cute baby goats, not humans.

Two young goats met at the entrance of the building

You have to ask what kind of place this place is, and two goats greet you warmly. It is overflowing with affection and aegyo to the extent that the dog welcomes you to the point of saying go away.
Looking around, there are notices about 'Equestrian Experience Guide' and 'Technical Ability Certification System Pony Rating' on the wall, and you can see that guests are experiencing horseback riding at the horseback riding arena.

Horseback riding experience guide

I see a man riding a horse

Wondering what kind of place the dog park he saw while driving the car, he walks towards the playground. The sign reads 'Entrance to the farm'.

farm entrance sign

As you walk along the sign, you can meet the guardians who came with their dog playing in the playground. The guardians were enjoying their time at the dog park with a Siberian Husky and two Shiba Inu.
The guardian informs, "I have reserved and used this place through the Naver app." The dog park at Siheung Horse Healing Experience Center is a private dog park that can be used by reservation.

Guardians and dogs visiting the private dog park

Siheung Equestrian Healing Experience Center The dog park is divided into two areas, 'Brother Farm' and 'Ow Farm'. The difference between the farm and the farm is that the size of the farm is slightly larger than that of the farm, and there is a barbecue grill.

Views on private dog parks.

If you are a guardian living with a large dog, it will not be easy to find a space where you can let your dog run around freely. A space where you can run freely without a leash... It is truly a dream land for large dog families.
Recently, dog playgrounds operated by local governments have been popping up one after another. However, since it is a space that all citizens use together, it has the advantage of helping to 'socialize dogs', but it will not apply equally to all dogs.
For a dog who is not yet socialized, an independent space like this would be more helpful than a place with a group. Therefore, it seems that the number of large dog families who prefer a single dog pension is increasing.

Private dog park... It is a new cultural space different from the private dog pension. I also met for the first time today such an independent space like the 'Private Dog Playground' at the Siheung Equestrian Healing Experience Center.

brother farm

The private dog playground of Siheung Horse Healing Experience Center!... It is the best place to spend time with your pet dogs without being disturbed by others.
After looking around the dog park and returning to the horseback riding course, you can meet the director who runs and manages the place.

You can see the Aseco Valley Colp Club behind the horseback riding course.

Siheung Horse Healing Experience Center

While listening to the explanation of the riding grounds and horseback riding experience, the two baby goats we met for the first time come running to us. “These are the children born last Wednesday,” the director says. “I crossed the rainbow bridge after giving birth, probably because my mother was tired.”
It is said that the mother of two young children also fed them with milk from an early age. Two little children who have lost their mothers, I pray in my heart that they grow up healthy, receiving a lot of love from the people and guests of the riding grounds.

Baby goats jumping for joy

For some reason, it was unusual to see him running in sync with the horse, but the person riding the horse at the playground was not a customer, but a trainer at the horseback riding site.
The horses at the riding grounds are horses that used to be racehorses and then retired.

The Siheung Equestrian Healing Experience Center is said to be conducting horseback riding experiences for youth and teenagers. A place where you can meet and interact with the exotic animal 'Horse'... I think it will give a unique experience to youth and teenagers.

The trainer is training with the horse

The appearance of the trainer and the horse running feels like a painting in itself. After watching it for a while, a cat appears in front of me from where it appeared.
Rather, it seems that my appearance out of nowhere was more strange. A cat that is close to a dog cat approaches me, poses for me, and leisurely walks in the opposite direction.

A dog I met at the horseback riding course

It's not just dogs. Shortly thereafter, he meets a Chihuahua and another Gilnyangyi. Well, I am unfamiliar with the youngsters, and the youngsters seem not so unfamiliar with the appearance of guests visiting the horseback riding course.
Goat, horse, cat, puppy... Meet various animals at the Siheung Equestrian Healing Experience Center.

Chihuahua and Gilnyangyi

A place where you can spend time at the 'Private Dog Playground' with your dog, a place where you can experience horseback riding, and a place where you can meet various animals such as goats and stray cats who get along with people... Siheung Aseco Valley Golf Club It was the 'Siheung Horse Healing Experience Center' next to it.


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