Pok Restaurant, Siheung Baegot Dog-Friendly Restaurant as cute as its name

entrance to the restaurant

Stopped at the 'Siheung Horseback Riding Healing Center' and on the way home, have lunch at the 'Pop Restaurant (CEO Kang Ki-bok)' located in Baegot. After arriving at the shopping street where the restaurant is located, park the vehicle in the underground parking lot and go up to the second floor where the restaurant is located.

When I arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, I noticed that there was a door at the entrance, but it was not closed but opened. Cactus patterns are embossed on the wall, and chairs and green plants are placed.

When you enter through the entrance, you can meet the interior scenery with a clean and modern interior. The appearance of the cactus indoors and on the windowsill is impressive.

Clean and modern interior scenery

There is a seat in the room by the window, so you sit there. You can see the scenery of the shopping mall from the outside, and chairs are arranged on the left and right with a long table in the center.

This is my first time visiting Baegot, a new city, and the surrounding commercial buildings are beautifully decorated like a new city. The name of the shopping mall is also expressed in orange, green, blue, and yellow, and the exterior walls of each building are the same color as the name.

room by the window

At this restaurant, you order a menu using a tablet. The ordering method using a tablet, which is neither a kiosk nor a face-to-face ordering method, was awkward at first, but there is no inconvenience in using it.

Choose the menu you want to eat, add it to your shopping cart, and pay. There is also a menu called 'Call staff' on the menu, and the price is 0 won. If you need something while dining, select this 'call staff' from the additional menu and the staff will come to you.

The menu is ordered on a tablet

I ordered the 'Mushroom Cream Resort' and 'Ssam Wrap Pizza', and it turned out to be a generous amount of food. Tablets, ordered menus, and tumblers filled with water fill the table.

ordered meal

After eating, we look around the restaurant.

When I asked the staff why the restaurant was called Pok Restaurant, he said, "Our CEO's name is Ki-bok Kang, but we named the restaurant 'Pop Restaurant' because the last word, 'Bok', was cutely expressed."

'Pop Restaurant'... As the staff said, the name of the restaurant is full of cuteness.

window seat

The space where you can dine when accompanied by a dog is said to be a space with a room. The room by the window as well as the room by the wall, where we ate a while ago, look cozy and comfortable.

Dining area with dogs

A dog-friendly restaurant in Baegot, Siheung, is a cute and pretty restaurant just like its name. A place where you can dine while looking at the modern and stylish interior, cacti scattered throughout, and neat shopping malls around... It was Siheung Bae, a dog-friendly restaurant, 'Pop Restaurant'.


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