Mokpo-si Bujusan Pet Playground Spotlighted as a Healing Space

Bujusan Pet Playground

"I live in an apartment, so I don't have a space to run around and I was concerned about the noise between floors, but it's so good"... A citizen raising a welsh corgi visited the Bujusan Pet Playground.
The pet playground in Bujusan, which opened on October 22, is gaining popularity. As rumors spread through SNS, it is establishing itself as a must-visit place for families with pets.
Last weekend, an average of 150 dogs and 500 guardians visited the companion animal playground. Even on weekdays, about 50 dogs and 150 guardians visit the pet playground, capturing the hearts of families with pets from the beginning of its opening. Considering that a famous pet playground in Gyeongnam has 200 users on weekends and 50 on weekdays, the popularity of the pet playground in Bujusan is quite high.

Bujusan's pet playta is gaining popularity

Mokpo Mayor Kim Jong-sik also realized his popularity by visiting the pet playground on October 31 and talking with the guardians.
A citizen who owns a retriever said, "Large dogs didn't have a place to play, but it's great that there is a dedicated playground for dogs."
In addition, "It is healing when the dog runs freely". “It’s great that small and medium-sized dogs and large dogs are separated.” Most of the favorable reviews were "There are many dog ​​cafes that do not accept large dogs, but I am very happy that there is a space for large dogs."

Mayor Kim Jong-sik said, "The satisfaction of the pet playground is very high, which is encouraging." "The pet playground is a space where companion animals and their guardians coexist. We will create a pet-friendly city,” he said.
Bujusan Pet Playground, the first in the southwestern region of Jeollanam-do, is located close to the city center and is easily accessible.
In particular, the play areas for large dogs and small and medium-sized dogs have been separated, and to minimize the safety blind spot, two maintenance personnel with a companion animal manager license are resident to prevent accidents and resolve complaints promptly. In addition, to prevent safety accidents, children under the age of 13 are required to enter with an adult guardian.
The pet playground is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Tuesday through Sunday, and the regular holiday is every Monday. Admission is free, and operating hours may vary slightly during winter and rainy season.
An official from Mokpo City said, "We urge you to bring a toilet bag and safety line so that you can collect excrement and prepare for a sudden outbreak."


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