Gwanak-gu, distributing 'AI robots' to the disabled

Gwanak-gu to distribute AI robots to the disabled

Gwanak-gu, Seoul (Chairman Park Jun-hee) is getting a great response by distributing artificial intelligence-infused companion robots to people with a high degree of depression due to fixed social isolation.
Currently, 1 out of 4 people with disabilities is a single-person household, and the number of persons with disabilities in single-person households is increasing.
Gwanak-gu plans to strengthen community care for the vulnerable with non-face-to-face care services using artificial intelligence in response to changes in policy conditions, such as the increase in the number of disabled people living alone and the lack of care due to COVID-19.
The name of the artificial intelligence companion robot distributed by Gwanak-gu is 'Chanibot'. It was conceived from the greeting 'Are you okay', and it also contains the meaning of being a companion who helps people with disabilities in their daily lives and benefits their lives.
The function of Chanibot is △Supports daily life through personalized notifications △Emotional support through various aegyo comments and companionship △Emergency connection through safety management monitoring such as detection of danger signals △Notification of administrative and welfare news and general information in Gwanak-gu It is a smart integrated care support based on artificial intelligence.
What is noteworthy is that it supports customized robots that are differentiated according to the characteristics of each target among the three types of AI robots in response to the types and degrees of disabilities and the diverse needs of the disabled.
For the elderly and the disabled who prefer simple conversational functions, or the disabled with poor pronunciation, use the touch recognition-based stuffed toy robot called 'Talking Doll', and for people with high levels of depression who need a conversation partner, natural language processing technology is applied to enable emotional conversation. dolls, and table-top AI robots that provide face recognition, video calls, and display screens to people with disabilities who can operate smart devices.
Gwanak-gu has been distributing companion robots to 100 people with disabilities living alone since the end of October, and plans to supply 100 additional robots in the first half of next year due to the high response from those affected.
In addition, the effectiveness analysis will be carried out as well as the simple dissemination dimension.
Through user satisfaction survey, depression scale test, server data analysis, etc., the company plans to analyze the effectiveness of the companion robot to the emotional stability and care performance of the single-person disabled, and to materialize it as an artificial intelligence-based smart integrated care model.

Meanwhile, Gwanak-gu previously produced and distributed 'Gwanak-gu Single-person Household Statistics' to understand the current status of the increasing number of single-person households with disabilities in August. The plan is to strengthen the statistical survey and analysis of households and use it to accurately identify the current situation and discover policies.
An official from Gwanak-gu said, "The pain and discomfort experienced by the disabled in single-person households will be greater than anyone else due to the prolonged COVID-19. With this, we will create a happy community where no one is left behind.”


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