An autumn night walking with a dog, Danghyeoncheon 'Nowon Moonlight Walk

Large billboard for 'Nowon Moonlight Walk'

From October 27 (Wednesday) to November 7 (Sunday), the 'Nowon Moonlight Walk' festival is being held in the 2km section of Danghyeoncheon Stream flowing between Junggye Station and Sanggye Station.

On October 31 (Sat), the last night of October, I went to Danghyeoncheon to watch 'Nowon Moonlight Walk' that embroidered the autumn night.
After moving by car, I parked the car in the parking lot near Junggye Station. When you cross the road, you can see the road going down to Danghyeoncheon, and you can see a large billboard on the other side of the river.
As you go down the path down to the Danghyeoncheon Stream, you can see bright lights illuminating the promenade.

Danghyeoncheon promenade

On the side of the promenade, flowers in full bloom are shining with light. I thought the weather would be chilly in the evening, but today the evening weather is just as warm as the sunny afternoon.
You can see people out for a walk with family or acquaintances, and companions walking with their dogs. And you can see the brightly lit lanterns in the middle of the river.


While walking while feeling the atmosphere of an autumn night to the fullest, you can meet various photo zones around the promenade.

photo zone on the promenade

Cosmos is blooming in clusters on one of the trails, but it's been a long time since I've seen cosmos in full bloom. When I saw the cosmos at Nari Farm in Yangju, which I visited recently, the leaves had withered a lot, but here the cosmos in Danghyeoncheon is in full bloom as if it was in full bloom now.


If you go up 1.8km along the promenade, there is a sign indicating that you will arrive at Jungnangcheon. You have heard of Jungnangcheon, but you first know about 'Danghyeoncheon', a tributary of Jungnangcheon, through the Nowon Moonlight Walk.

Jungnangcheon, which runs through Uijeongbu and leads to the Han River in Seoul... It not only gives citizens a wonderful view, but also creates such a wonderful living environment.
Since the lantern exhibition is carried out over a 2km section, cross the bridge a little further up after seeing the sign for Jungnangcheon Stream and go down along the opposite side of the trail.

The promenade leads to Jungnangcheon

The bride and groom are seen dressed in their wedding robes. The color of the hanbok, which is expressed in the back, is illuminated and looks even prettier.
As you go down along the promenade, take photos of the other side of Danghyeoncheon and the displayed lanterns. You can get a better view by taking a picture of the back reflected in the Danghyeoncheon Stream.

Danghyeoncheon, shining with colorful lights

'Nowon Moonlight Walk' seems to be a festival of Nowon-gu residents. There were people from other countries like us, but it seems that many of the people walking are locals.
Parents with children, people who exercise in gym clothes, companions who take their dogs and walks... Danghyeoncheon presents a wonderful trail to citizens who enjoy the evening in their daily lives.
On the other hand, people like us who come to enjoy the festivals in Nowon-gu are looking at the wonderful view and taking pictures whenever they pass by where the lanterns are displayed.

Citizens walking along Danghyeoncheon

Flowing streams, autumn nights, flowers and lights, and people walking along the Danghyeoncheon Stream and talking with their family, acquaintances, or lovers... It is a natural scene created by people with a sense of humor in harmony with the nature of Danghyeoncheon Stream.
The exhibited lanterns are used as the subject matter of each person's memories and flowers bloom.
As I walk along the promenade, I see 'a cat sitting on a long pole'. Its appearance is similar to the appearance of a cat in the author's book 'Humans are busy, so the cat will take care of it'.

Various types of lamps are on display.

Looking at the displayed lanterns, I wondered how long I had to walk, and as I passed under the bridge, it started to rain. Under the bridge also presents a wonderful view to the citizens.

Lights installed under the bridge

On the last warm night of October, near 8 pm, raindrops fall. I want to appreciate other works, but I leave my regrets behind and return to the parking lot where I parked my car.

An 'Autumn Festival' was being held on 'Danghyeoncheon', a promenade for citizens of Nowon-gu, to be enjoyed by everyone.

A stream flowing through Danghyeoncheon, cosmos and flowers blooming along the roadside, a photo zone installed on the promenade, dogs and their companions taking a walk... 'Nowon Moonlight Walk' held in Danghyeoncheon in the deepening autumn is a 'Nowon-gu' that everyone wants to brag about. It was a wonderful festival.


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