"Butterfly, who are you?"... If you are curious, stop by the 'Butterfly Museum' in Paju!

Paju Nabinara Insect Museum

If you go to Paju, you can find a museum full of stories about butterflies and insects. That place is ' Nabinara Museum '. 

In the four-story Gwangmungak Building, the 1st to 3rd floors are the museum, and the 4th floor is the office of Gwangmungak Publishing House, the museum operator. Nabinara Museum is closed every Monday and Tuesday. 

I visited the dog-friendly cafe 'Saint Lynn' in Paju , and there is a museum right next to it. Having a cup of coffee in St. Lynn, I wondered what the Butterfly Museum would be like and went inside.

The exhibition hall on the first floor of the Butterfly Museum is a free space, and ceramics, crafts, and goods with the theme of butterflies and insects are displayed, and there is also a space where you can experience making plaster air freshener. 

The first floor of the Butterfly Museum

butterfly shaped pottery

Place to experience gypsum air freshener

If you go out of the exhibition hall and go to the right, you can see the special exhibition 'Butterfly Flew into the Bookshelf'.

Details of the exhibition can be found by looking at the description posted at the entrance.

'Butterfly Flew into the Bookshelf' exhibits more than 200 insect books, and you can meet books recommended by curators on a monthly basis. This is an insect book curation planned exhibition that communicates with visitors.

I hope it will be a time to feel the awe of life through insects, the smallest and greatest beings on the planet, to look back on our relationship with humans, to break free from prejudice against insects and to look at it from various perspectives.

When you enter the exhibition room, you can see the 'Review Event' on the left side, and you can see the insect-related books on the inside.

Books related to insects are on display

Look around the first floor and head to the second floor. You can use the stairs or elevator to go up to the second floor.

When you arrive at the entrance on the 2nd floor, you will see a notice that says 'How to enjoy the Butterfly Nara Museum - 2nd floor'.

Insects of the World | Fantasy Butterfly Travel | Korean Butterfly | Butterfly around the world | Finding Hidden Insects - Insects that resemble nature | Insect Learning Trip | Listen closely to the sound of insects | A Bug's Life - The Life of a Scarab, Diorama | Thank you Dr. Nabi Dr. Jumyeong Seok | Our world through insects | Butterfly design photo zone

View of the 2nd floor exhibition room

'Listen to the sound of insects', which allows you to hear the cries of insects at the push of a button. Hearing the cries of insects in a concrete building is a different experience.

Take a look around the corner 'A Bug's Life', which tells the story of the life of a beetle named 'Goliath'. Even as an adult, the story of Goliath the scarab is interesting. If children watch 'A Bug's Life', they will be able to easily understand insects and remember them for a long time.

A Bug's Life

In A Bug's Life, storytelling proceeds from left to right, and each story has text along with visual materials at the bottom to help understand the text.

If you take a look around the exhibition room on the second floor, it seems that a lot of questions about butterflies and insects will be answered. "If you are curious about butterflies, please visit the Nabinara Museum here."

On the 3rd floor of the museum, '100 Excellent Environment Books' designated by the Ministry of Environment are on display from September 30 (Thu) to November 30 (Tue). 

The notice posted at the entrance on the 3rd floor catches my eye. 
How many in all?
Friends, do you know that butterflies are disappearing? 
Let's learn about the types of butterflies in danger and why, and find ways to protect them together.

Notice at the entrance to the exhibition room on the 3rd floor

Environment-related books are displayed in the exhibition room on the 3rd floor, and posters about endangered wild animals and eco-friendliness are attached to the wall. The exhibition room is decorated in bright and bright colors suitable for children's emotions, and there are green trees and puzzles that children can enjoy.

Designated by the Ministry of Environment as '100 Excellent Environment Books'

'Butterfly' puzzle for children to enjoy

Among the posters on the wall, there is content about 'Graplab that makes products using recycled paper' and 'True that recycles toys'.

Nabinara Museum... Children who visited the first and second floors will naturally think about endangered wildlife, nature, and the environment on the third floor.

The 3rd floor space seems to be focused on children sitting down, reading books, watching videos, and doing activities freely.

Children will naturally learn and feel how to coexist with nature, the environment, and animals on the yellow and green background and large space.

An exhibition room space on the 3rd floor where children can freely engage in activities

I am about to leave the museum after visiting the 1st to 3rd floors, and the staff handed me a 'Fortune Cookie'.

"These cookies will be given out one by one if you color the picture inside the brochure '100 Excellent Environment Books'. Today, I'll give you one as a special gift." Go home and check it out,” explains Cookie.

What is it? When I get home, I cut a cookie in half.

100 best environmental books pamphlet and 'Fortune Cookie'

our Earth! our nature!
You can save it with small actions

Lucky 'Fortune Cookie'. It makes me smile like the sun in the brochure of 100 excellent environmental books. 'Maybe children feel the same way!'

Fortune cue and a small note inside

It was an autumn afternoon on an October day at the Nabinara Insect Museum in Paju, where we were able to meet, hear, and see stories about butterflies, the cries of grasshoppers, and stories about the environment.


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