White tone bright and beautiful Paju dog-friendly cafe, 'Saint Ligne'

Paju dog-friendly cafe 'Saint Lynn'

I visited 'Saint Ligne (CEO Lee Yoo-i)', a dog-friendly cafe where you can go with your dog. St. Ligne is a cafe right next to the 'Navinara Museum' in Paju. I'm parking my car in the parking lot, and I see two dogs running around with their guardians. 

It's nice to see the dogs running around in the cafe's front yard. What kind of place is Cafe St. Ligne? go inside. 

entrance to st ligne

When you open the cafe door and go inside, you can see the white-tone interior. The character and the cafe name in front caught my eye. And you can see the figure of the dog that I saw outside.


I see the dog I saw outside

Take a look around the first floor of the cafe. There are white tables and chairs, and green plants. There is also a pop-up store on the side of the stairs going up to the second floor. 

Café St. Ligne 1st floor

"I found it", the dogs I saw outside come to say hello and take charge of the smell of the unfamiliar customer. The white dog's name is 'Ai', and the ivory dog's name is 'Bori'. 

Ai and Bori

Ai and Bori are said to be the pet dogs of the CEO of St. Ligne Yui.

“The CEO has a filming today, only the Ai and Bori are there,” the cafe staff informs. 'Filming?'... Lee Yoo-i, the CEO of St. Ligne, is said to be working as a model. And because there is a filming today, only Ai and Bori are in the cafe. 

Below is a picture of a model and a dog, Ai and Bori, sent by CEO Lee. Looking at the photo, the two guys who had fun playing in the front yard a while ago seem to be right. 

Representative Lee Yoo-i, who works as a model and runs a cafe. And CEO Lee's dogs, Ai and Bori!... There seems to be a story behind the meeting between CEO Lee and his dogs. If the opportunity arises, I'd like to hear about it as well.

A photo of CEO Lee and his dog Ai and Bori... They fit well with the image of Cafe St. Ligne. 

CEO Lee Yoo-i and his dog Ai and Bori

Say hello to child and Barley, and drink coffee on the second floor. "Wow!" A bright white space catches the eye. The autumn sunlight brightens and illuminates the interior, and frames with cute characters are displayed on the walls.

Cafe St. Ligne 2nd floor

If you take a picture of the second floor of St. Ligne, it comes out really pretty. It feels like looking at an oriental painting that made full use of the beauty of the blank space.

I drink coffee on the second floor and go out to go home. The surrounding environment is neat because there is a 'Navinara Museum' right next to the cafe.

On the way to get in the car, I take one more photo of the front yard of St. Ligne and the cafe. St. Ligne allows dogs to be kept indoors as well as in the front yard of the cafe with the consent of other guests.

St. Ligne's front yard

St. Ligne seen from the entrance

A place where cute Spitz 'Ai' and 'Bori' welcome you, a bright and bright cafe with white tones... It was 'Saint Ligne', a dog-friendly cafe in Paju where you can go with your dog.


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