Uijeongbu dog-friendly restaurant, 'Haetru', a small garden in the city subsequent to flowers and butterflies


In Yonghyeon-dong, Uijeongbu, a restaurant you can visit when your beloved dog, there is a meat restaurant called Hatru. It is said that the sun shines all hours of hours of daylight, as a outcome it is said that the opening hours of this place are from 4 pm when the sun gives habit to the heat.

When I heard that there was a dog-available restaurant in Uijeongbu, I ran to the place, Hatru! Take a portray of Hatru.

Hatru seen from the parking lot

This is the view of Hatru after parking the car in the Haetru parking lot. From the outside, I couldn't in reality environment the beauty of it, but I could mood the definite beauty of Hatruu all period I took it one step closer. 

View of the entrance to the Hatru

The arched easy to gain to gives the make public that it is anyhow another from added places. From the parking lot across the road, every one one of era you receive one step towards the Haetru, exclamations come out of your mouth.

Hatru has a rectangular structure, and behind you enter, you can meet a long dining area. And you can meet the scenery in accord when flowers and natural world.

A landscape full of flowers and plants

You can enjoy a beautiful view not without help at an outside table, but furthermore at an indoor table.

"Oh yeah~" 

Cute sun-drenched indoor scenery

'A publicize garden in the heart of the city subsequent to flowers and butterflies'... The eyes are mighty and the delicious taste of meat stimulates the taste buds. What's more, how wonderful it is to be clever to the lead along in the midst of your dog to such a fantastic area!

Enjoy a savory meal and drink coffee served by Haetruo Lee Song-jae at the cafe. CEO Lee told a description nearly 'a small garden in the city centre', and he captured it in a video.

Opened in December 2009 later the theme of 'a small garden in the city once flowers and butterflies', Haeturu is also proficiently-known for its exquisite meat. 

The large spread of Hatru provides an atmosphere where companions and dogs can wealthily stay, and the general public understands eating in the by now dogs these days, says CEO Lee.

Hatru's theme 'Flowers and Plants'

A small garden in the heart of the city!

There are flowers and nature, and in the remote winter, the owner is talking very just about roasting roasted sweet potatoes beyond a wood ember!

It was 'Haetru', a dog-simple restaurant in Uijeongbu, a area where people can live taking into account greenery and people, and where you can go later your dog you hero worship.


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