The nation's largest dog theme park, 'Dog Forest', will premiere upon November 11th!

  • Introduced as a dog complex cultural space where you can relax, educate and play
  • Comprised of facilities and contents not only for dogs and guardians, but also for everyone
  • Operates with pre-opening entrance fees in preparation for the grand opening in 2021
Dog Forest Museum

The nation's largest dog theme park, 'Dog Forest', will open in advance on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. 'Dog Forest' is a dog complex cultural space built on an area of ​​about 100,000 square meters (30,000 pyeong) near Gangchon IC in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do (437, Chunghyo-ro, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do).

'Dog Forest' has facilities and programs that both companions and non-accompanying people can enjoy. It is equipped with resting spaces and educational and play facilities such as a museum and walking trails, a dog playground, and a cafe with dogs.

The museum helps the understanding of dogs and delivers a variety of professional contents to establish a proper companion culture. A commentary service is also provided for group visitors of 20 or more who have made a reservation in advance or for visitors during regular weekends. In addition to the exhibition hall, there is a market where you can browse dog-related products with your dog, a dog waiting room where your dog can take a break, and other convenience facilities such as a food terrace.

The promenade made of birch trees has been created so that you can experience a leisurely rest while breathing in the fresh air. It is connected to a pond made of various flowers and trees, so you can enjoy the beautiful nature all year round.

dog forest playground

The dog playground is a large grass arena (large/little playground) at odds by weight for the safety of dogs, and it is a appearance where dogs can freely use their leash.

You can taste the signature menus of 'Doggy Forest' at the three cafes that stand out in settlement behind the surrounding nature . In the cafe where dogs are allowed, you can as well as beverage dog drinks, so you can enjoy a more special period.

Experience and counseling programs useful in authentic energy are plus available. The booth in Dongsan runs various handmade dog goods making programs for visitors. In count uphill, we plot to prepare a behavioral counseling program that provides proper walking education and counseling to improvement people and dogs accompany them happily.

Meanwhile, this commencement is in the form of a pre-foundation in preparation for the grand creation in the first half of 2021, consequently you can enter at an affordable price. Unaccompanied persons without pets are in addition to allowed to enter.

Hours of operation am 10 to pm 6 is not until, New Year and Chuseok hours of hours of day, all Monday is closed (unexpected, within passable limits situation daylight if Monday is a holiday).

In the 'Dog Forest', retrieve of dogs, etc. is restricted for safety dealing out . For more recommend, such as safety precautions going around for gate, make laugh visit the 'Doggy Forest' website.


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