'ThinkLikePet', sponsored Dog Earth Planet Bazaar 'Buy Fashionable Dog Noodle Bayou'

Think Pet COO Park Tami and dog Chloe

'ThinkLikePet', a company that manufactures and sells natural food for companion animals, will participate in 'Buy Fashionable Dog Noodles', a bazaar to help abandoned animals on October 30 (Sat).

This event is co-hosted by ' Dog Earth Planet ', which operates a dog playground and abandoned dog adoption program, ' Arumhoe (supermodel winners ' meeting) ', and ' People in search of happiness for organic animals '.

At the bazaar, about 60 companion animal products can be purchased at a low price, and all proceeds are used for rescue, education, and treatment of abandoned animals. ThinkLikePet is sponsoring dog food, dental gum, omega 3, etc. at this event.

At the event site, there is a Halloween photo zone where you can make memories with your pets, and veterinarians and professional trainers are stationed for pet health checkups and safety.

Tami Park (COO), the founder of ThinkLikePet, said, "As the start of the company was to make natural food to solve the nutritional deficiency of the dog 'Chloe' adopted by the abandoned dog protection center. We will participate and we are preparing for CSV* management activities.”

* CSV (Creating Shared Value), a direction to create a business model that simultaneously creates economic profit and social value through corporate activities, rather than social contribution (charity, donation, etc.) after generating economic profits


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