Rodeo Street Healing Zone, Uijeongbu Cat Cafe 'Needs'

Cat cafe 'Needs'

I visited the cat cafe 'Needs' on the subject of Rodeo Street in Uijeongbu. A place in addition to a cup of coffee, a cold breeze, upbeat music, and endearing kittens... The cat cafe Niss was a healing zone itself.


The view from the entrance of the cat cafe 'Needs'

Cat picture posted on stair wall

On the stairs going going on to the second floor where Niz is, pictures of cats are posted in this area the wall as if to say that this is a cat cafe.

Take a photo of the look where the meows are. The gate at the gate approaching speaking the second floor is wide reach into, but it is said that the cats realize not go out. 

You can see a large indoor proclaim, a cat characterize in financial credit to the wall, an automatic cat toilet, and a cat wheel.

Interior view of cat cafe 'Needs'

As we sat down by the wall, two friends approached us and greeted us warmly. They smooch each subsidiary and enjoy a nap even though lying upon the table.

Cats of Niz who were warmly welcomed

healing! A cat cafe, a tune that has a rotate feel from a dog cafe... Also, you can feel the glamor of Nyaongi, which is swap from dog dogs. In the suit of a dog cafe, it is not deviant for everyone to greet them dynamically once they first enter and also go all the mannerism, but the cat in the cat cafe comes and stays back them. Even giving away presents.

Cats at Cat Cafe Niz

Let's meet considering pictures of cute cats.

cute cats

Each and all discharge loyalty of the cats makes the viewer smile. Time flies once you see at the cats. Nyangnyangnyang... I throbbing to stay longer, but it's time to go home. "Hello, meows, see you neighboring-door become old!"

Say hello to the cats and head out upon the road. Contrary to going occurring, believe pictures even though going by the side of the stairs. 

A picture of Niz while leaving the cat cafe Niz

The sweltering heat is rampant in the heat... The delectable cats at the Cat Cafe Niz make you forget anything. A monster that can be healed just by looking at it and visceral adjoining it... Cats seem to be such a visceral. 

It was a cat cafe 'Needs', a healing zone where you can immerse yourself in the appeal of a cat though you are not a cat butler, of course.


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