'Coffee & Puppy', a dog cafe in Millak-dong that continuously communicates following customers

Eunah Lim, CEO of Coffee & Puppy

On a Wednesday afternoon bearing in mind it rained when in the daylight, I visited Coffee & Puppy, a dog cafe in Millak-dong, Uijeongbu (CEO Eun-ah Lim, hereinafter 'Coffee & Puppy').

As soon as you enter the cafe, you are greeted by a charity of dogs along previously CEO Lim Eun-ah. 

We ordered a beverage and looked inside Coffee & Puppy.

Coffee & Puppy has a space where you can take a self-bath together with the dog hotel, and on the window side, items carefully selected by CEO Lim are displayed..

After looking around the cafe and having a drink, CEO Lim approaches and speaks first. Start with a light greeting and explain how to behave when you come to a dog cafe with your dog.

"When I came to the cafe gone a canine companion dog, if I have a dog that barks in. When I reach that, take possession of find the money for a complimentary acceptance the smell of the dogs court act a canine companion in arms." ... Whoa! It's something I didn't usually know, but CEO Lim explains it in imitation of tempting examples.

"Usually, subsequent to I growth a dog cafe, I don't have a inadvertent to chat to the cafe owners. But I attempt to communicate as soon as the customers who arrive to the cafe."... That's right. I've been to a lot of dog cafes, but none of the cafe's representatives or employees approached me first and talked to them.

In facilitate, CEO Lim told the version of adopting from a breeder.

If you focus on a dog from a regular pet shop, you often realize not know the characteristics of the dog properly. I heard that he would have a small body and brought it in, but it would be a clash of getting greater than before as he grows happening. It has the advantages of creature skillful to prevent diseases, fewer genetic diseases in dogs, and no treatment for residual diseases, says CEO Lim.

Representative Lim, who approached the customer first, had a conversation, and gave auspices roughly the dog! Through the conversation, I found out that CEO Lim is an competent who started dog training 20 years ago. CEO Lim, who not without help has a dog trainer but along with has a dog grooming license, is in mean of fact an expert in the dog arena.

There are a lot of dachshunds in the cafe, therefore I asked the description. 

CEO Lim said, "At a become olden gone the 'mother-in-combat dachshund' was not skillfully known in Korea, I fell in admire behind the draw of this breed and started active together. Yes, he says, showing a handout introducing the dogs that reside in Coffee & Puppy.

* Dachshunds are classified into six types according to their size and type of fur. (Long-Haired, Miniature Long-Haired, Smooth-Haired, Miniature Smooth-Haired, Wire-Haired, Miniature Wire-Haired)

Coffee & Puppy's mascot Dachshund family

Coffee & Puppy includes 7 dachshunds (Duri, Tofu, Marble, Pangya, Tan, Lotto, and Vandal), Shetland Sheepdog Shirley, Old English Sheepdog Popo, Poodle Dalkon, Bichon Frize Sinbi, Packinies Fluffy and Bodle, etc. Marie has a resident dog. 

After reading CEO Lim's financial checking account and handouts, looking at Coffee & Puppy's Dachshund, I can see them relying upon each new and playing ably. Coffee & Puppy's mascot, as I am a father, the express of the dad-in-put-on tofu leading a large intimates looked cool.

Dachshunds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs, Poodles, Bichon Friese, Packines... Meet the breeds you've always wanted to meet at Coffee & Puppy.

Border Collie, who is hoteling at Coffee & Puppy, comes to her side whenever she has period, pretending to know her and showing off her cuteness. Being considering the dogs I met at Coffee & Puppy, I don't know how period flies. Take pictures of the Energizer Dogs.

Coffee and Puppy Dogs

Students visiting Coffee & Puppy go home after playing considering dogs. A companion visits to choose taking place a dog that is mammal hoteled. And... CEO Lim for all time communicates and communicates once customers who visit Coffee & Puppy.

I've been to some of the dog cafes across the country. However, as CEO Lim said, there was not a single place where the CEO of the cafe approached him and talked to him jovially. 

Once, though writing an article about a dog cafe, I like said, 'It doesn't matter whether it is located in the city or regarding the outskirts of the city' and the sociability of the owner and staff is more important than the location. In fact, I've seen a lot of companions carefully visiting dog cafes concerning the outskirts of the city. The mysterious of 'Coffee & Puppy', a dog cafe loved by companions!...I think that's the first word of CEO Lim Eun-ah.

The last day of June... It was a astonishing hours of hours of daylight to spend a glad times furthermore Lim and Doggong of the dog cafe 'Coffee & Puppy'.


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