'Cafe Painting Room', a unique cafe in Gangnam Station, where I draw with my own hands

Cafe Painting Room

Just a unexpected wander from Exit 11 of Gangnam Station, there is a cafe called 'Caf Hwasil' where you can draw taking into consideration your own hands. 'What nice of place is it?' I visit the cafeteria by now curiosity.

In the cafe room, where you attraction though drinking tea or coffee, you can appeal pictures of your loved ones subsequent to your own hands. 

cafe room counter

When you door the entry to the cafe and go inside, you can see the customers drawing, unlike accessory cafes. And the representative of the cafeteria greets you innocent-naturedly. 

Order a cold cup of coffee and compliance to a portray of the cafeteria. As soon as you enter the cafe, you can see at a glance that the cafe is an odd area.

Below is the central hall of the cafeteria.

Central hall of cafe room

The cafe room is in description to the 5th floor of the building, and you can see the buildings on Gangnam Station through the window. If you see beside from the window, you can along with observe the people walking on speaking the street. 

Sculptures reminiscent of a studio are placed in the central hall. Looking at the statue brings further memories of sketching the statue bearing in mind a pencil in art class. 

4 player chess

props and paintings make you feel the atmosphere of the cafe's studio even improved.

Cute props and paintings in the cafeteria

Follow your stare and concern to the right. In the rectangular heavens to the right of the central hall, more various drawing tools are placed. If the concourse is for beginners, it feels in addition to a melody for people with intermediate or sophisticated skills.

space to the right of the concourse

After examining the space harshly the right, I went out again to the central hall. When I came out, I saying pencils, colored pencils, and a notice that said 'Graffiti Space Service', which states that paper, pencils, and colored pencils will be provided therefore that customers who visit the cafe can sketch easily. 

'If I had available become earliest, I would adorable luck lucky talisman a easy portray in financial credit to paper...' Today, I will on your own take possession of the cafe scene, and I think I will fall by and glamor a portray following era.

graffiti space service

Below are photos of canvases and materials that are purposefully painted in the cafe. As for the canvas, various sizes of canvases are prepared in the form of 'No. 1, No. 3,,,', and brushes and paints for coloring are then prepared.

The canvas for painting is prepared in various sizes by size.

Brushes and paints used for coloring

There were customers in imitation of me who visited the cafe for the first grow early, and the representative of the cafeteria saintly-humoredly explained the narrowing of each painting as dexterously as how to attraction it.

He prints the photo he prepared considering a printer, sketches the print upon the canvas, and later paints it. Even if you are not familiar behind painting, bearing in mind the urge roughly of the representative of the cafe painting room, you can paint following your own hands. A fabulous show of my own that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Sit by the window and read a magazine with a cool cup of coffee

I came here expecting an hour to stay in the cafeteria, so I can't attraction and observe the people when reference to me drawing. When you sit by the window, you can see the street from the window.

A cup of chilly coffee, sometimes gay and sometimes bashful music, magazines, and people walking alongside the street... I never thought I would experience such a view and atmosphere muggy Gangnam Station. 

A phrase I found in a magazine I accidentally opened... The words of a magazine editor, 'Even if it is not shared through SNS right now, will be published for someone who will be reading this magazine in 10 years', anyhow resonates when my heart. I am reading this magazine, which was published in 2017, 4 years if not 10 years ago. A magazine once the theme of 'art'... I felt the magic that opened my eyes to a auxiliary showground... 'performer'... I esteem people who see the same world from a exchange tilt.

A painting cafe, a cafe painting room!... It was a look where the realm of 'art' met following undistinguished sparkle. And the representative of the cafeteria was playing the role of a loud helper in the interface together amid art and mysterious simulation. 

The way of subconscious of my beloved pet, now I can make laugh that lovable environment when my own hands. Right in the cafeteria. Psy's 'Gangnam Style'... I think it would be fine to mount taking place an additional 'drawing in the middle of my own hands' to the image of Gangnam. A place where you can calmly charm pictures and reminisce just about your art class memories at studious. This is a unique cafe in Gangnam Station, 'Cafe Hwasil'. 


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