'Puppy Orchard', a unique dog cafe in Yangju gone an orchard

Dogs government concerning asleep the pear tree in the orchard... There is a unique dog cafe in Mansong-dong, Yangju, where you can manage in report to the orchard to your heart's content. That is the dog cafe 'Puppy Orchard'. He heads to the Puppy Orchard behind curiosity, 'What nice of place is this?'

A large dog playground where dogs can run under the pear tree

When you arrive at the Puppy Orchard, you will see a large parking lot. Park the car and promenade towards the Puppy Orchard Dog Playground.

Puppy Orchard Parking Lot

In belly of the Puppy Orchard Playground, there is a declaration for use. In the gain, you can order delivery food and eat it.

It is said that the former state of Puppy Orchard was 'Puppy Groove'. Grove means 'orchard' in English. Puppy Orchard is along along surrounded by a renovation, and the CEO of Puppy Orchard says he is thinking more or less whether to publicize the cafe 'Orchard' or 'Groove' after the renovation is as soon as.

Puppy Orchard entrance notice posted on the building

Puppy Orchard has two playgrounds: a playground for little and medium-sized dogs and a playground for large dogs. Natural grass is laid in the playground for little and medium dogs, and pear trees are planted in the playground for large dogs.

First, we entered the little and medium-sized dog playground.

As soon as you enter the entre, you can look the outside tent and the tables and chairs concerning the right side, and the green lawn catches your eye. This is a playground for little and medium-sized dogs.

You can tell approving sculptures all on peak of the playground, as dexterously as a photo zone. It has been refurbished and has a water supply knack.

Puppy Orchard Small and Medium Dog Playground

Puppy Orchard was building an indoor dog cafe in the center of the playground. When the construction is completed in September, the use of Puppy Orchard will be more convenient. 

Indoor dog cafe is being renewed

When you arrive out of the little and medium-sized dog playground, you can meet the large dog playground in the midst of pear trees. I used to think, 'Can't the express asleep the tree in the orchard be used as a playground?' Just considering the portray below.

Puppy Orchard Large Dog Playground

There arent many places where large dogs can control roughly or go, right? So, I thought nearly using the orchard as a playground for large dogs, for that defense I created it as a playground, said the CEO of Puppy Orchard.

Pear trees are planted in it, consequently it naturally acts as a shade, hence it's utter for giving out concerning on a sunny hours of daylight.

A companion who lives gone a large dog goes for a stroll behind than the dog in the shy evening, which is called a 'robber mosey'. For these large dog families, this Puppy Orchard is the utter place to put going on bearing in mind the large dogs control concerning freely.

Puppy Orchard, a area that makes full use of the natural conditions of an orchard to create a unique dog cafe in realism! Puppy Orchard operates a dog hotel in add together to a dog cafe and playground, hence it is reachable to host little and medium-sized dogs as nimbly as large dogs. 

The view looking out from the Puppy Orchard

The entire orchard of Puppy Orchard is nearly 6,000 pyeong. Puppy Orchard plans to feign accessory spaces supplementary than dog cafes and playgrounds as 'intimates farms'.

Puppy Orchard to visit later dogs... It was a unique dog cafe in Yangju moreover than an orchard.


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