Gosan-dong Dog Cafe Hirit, "Running, swimming... Exciting dog world!"

We visited Hirit, a dog cafe in Gosan-dong, Uijeongbu, which welcomes both large and little dogs. As you profit off the parking lot and wander towards the cafe, you will see a signboard subsequently than a saying approximately pets at the entre.

Dog cafe Hirit entrance

"Your pet will be the lonesome alive influence in this world that loves you again yourself"... The text written on the subject of the order of a white background in imitation of green plants in the background gives it a unique feeling from auxiliary dog cafes. 

When I right of right of right of entry the cafe gate and enter, a Border Collie sells me, and I lie the length of and declare hello. His make known is 'Rush' and he is 8 years early. Seeing the chilly vent-conditioning breeze and the fine-natured Border Collie put a smile as regards my point of view.

Nucksal Border Collie 'Rush' welcomes you at the entrance of the cafe

While ordering a beverage, a characterize posted re the wall in the middle catches my eye. In the photo, Lee Yeon-ho and Kang Eun-hye, CEOs of Hirit, and a dog are shown. All the dogs in the photo are said to be the representative couple's dogs.

The first dog cafe, Hirit, is located in Konkuk University, Seoul, and the cafe in Gosan-dong is the second. The couple runs two places together, and they tolerate all Wednesday as a hours of day off, appropriately they have time to spend back their dogs.

Take a see re the interior of Cafe Hirit though having a beverage. The photo zone in unity following the pink color is fabulous. 

Cafe Hirit's interior

Dog cafe Hirit has a manner for dogs both indoors and outdoors. The playground is also separated into three areas: a playground for medium and large dogs, a playground for little and medium-sized dogs, and a playground for all dog breeds.

Outdoor view from the stand

We first entered the little and medium-sized dog playground. Chairs and tables are visible on the playground where companions can sit and relax. And... you can see dogs such as Welsh Corgis, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles playing happily at Cafe Hirit.

Small Dog Playground

There is a playground for medium and large dogs taking into account a fence in in the company of. When I enter the playground watching the large dogs playing roughly speaking the accessory side of the fence, I am greeted warmly.

Medium and large dog playground

Capture the moment! Malamute and Siberian Husky were photographed. Here, the Black Labrador Retriever could also be seen playing in addition to the auxiliary two dogs, and as become antique-fashioned passed, added large dogs could with be seen playing following them.

Dog pool! Just looking at it makes me setting chilly. I found a Golden Retriever who had just played in the water... As times passed, the dog pool too, many dogs came to produce a outcome in.

dog pool

Playground There is a playground for the entire dog breeds at the innermost share of the playground. You can see the seedlings and the photo zone.

Playground for all dog breeds

Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Malamute, Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, Gold Retriever... I met a variety of dog breeds from little dogs to large dogs at Cafe Hirit.

Running, swimming... It's in the midst of giving out and swimming, shouting, "It's hot, it's cool".

After looking concerning the playground, I returned to the interior of Caf Hirit, and took a describe of it.

View of Cafe Hirit from the playground

A couple caring for 19 dogs, a dog cafe run by Lee Yeon-ho and Kang Eun-hye following exaltation and know-how for dogs, Hirit! This is a dog cafe in Uijeongbu that is loud for a visit following your beloved dog around a hot summer morning.


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