Gangnam dog cafe 'Cafe the Waltz' sketch

  • Spacious interior song and tidy interior
  • Dog cafe, dog hotel, dog sale, self-control black and white photo studio

Cafe the Waltz

Cafe the Waltz is a dog cafe located together along amid Gangnam Station and Yeoksam Station. Cafe the Waltz is loved for its wide hall, neat interior, and black and white self-studio, and sketches the scene. 


Cafe the Waltz counter. The cafe launch and menu are displayed through three monitors. Orange walls and blue monitors make a protester and easy image. 

Black and white photos and cards of dogs in day care

Next to the counter, you can see black-and-white photos and dog dogs made of cards. The self-black and white photo studio is operated happening for a pension-era basis, and photos taken during the hour can be printed once insinuation to site and can be confirmed by e-mail. 

Let's take a see at the video of Cafe the Waltz for a moment. You can song the black-and-white photo studio, the dogs of Cafe the Waltz, and the komuli for sale.

Below is a describe of the self-black-and-white photo studio. 

Self Black and White Photo Studio

'Pettographer' is a linked word gone 'pictures of pets' are mentioned. Pettographer is a fused word of pet and photographer, and refers to a photographer who specializes in photography of companion animals. 

When it comes to pet photography, the first issue that comes to mind is a photo taken by a pettographer. Here at Cafe the Waltz, you can goal, concentrate on, and even shoot your own photos. In accumulation words, it is an unmanned studio.

In January, we introduced the unmanned dog cafe 'Mongbox' at Sungshin Women's University. At Mengbox, it was a concept that accrual self-bath to an unmanned cafe. What if an unmanned self-studio was added to an unmanned cafe back Mongbox, along in the middle of Cafe the Waltz? attempt to think If that happens, I think it will in plan of fact become a undistinguished unmanned cafe.

Take pictures of the cafe the waltz dogs.

Dogs of Cafe the Waltz

Cafe the Waltz is a dog cafe exclusively for little dogs, and you can meet dog breeds such as Maltese, Poodle, Pomeranian, and Chihuahua. The impression of the dogs handing out freely in the fresh interior looks radiant. 

puppies for sale

Selling dogs... The word for sale is not a bad word, but past the dog factory aired occurring the subject of for the subject of TV Animal Farm in 2016, it tends to be perceived as an inappropriate word. The as soon as is my personal opinion upon dog sales.

The distribution channel from the puppy factory through the auction domicile to the pet shop, the socialization of dogs definitely ignored in this process. And the heavens of mom dogs bustling their mass lives in a drifting cage gave the people a great wonder. 

After 'Dog Factory' aired, the word sale has been used in a negative prudence rather than a sure one. This is due to the growing awareness that animals are not things to be bought and sold, and that the starting take desire of the painful of unaccompanied animals that does not diminish is growing in dog sales. 

Of course, unethical places once dog factories should be eliminated. But even loud breeders should not be harmed by that.  

Cafe the Waltz sells dogs. Caf the Waltz sells puppies of breeders that the CEO knows, and connects the breeder behind the prospective companion, not the auction blazing or pet shop. 

In general, the puppies in the dog-selling shop are in the sale yard, where the puppies are perky following tally puppies. And they get along gone each count and silliness as regards. The socialization of the dog, which was a situation, was occurring naturally as he socialized subsequent to his peers. 

An admittance ventilate, a make known where companions can easily meet, a proclaim connected then a breeder... I think this is the pension that dog sales should drive for. 

Outside Cafe the Waltz

He returns dwelling when a healing era behind gorgeous dogs. I could song many people stopping their promenade and observing the inside of the cafe. 

Cafe the Waltz was impressive following its spacious interior look, self-black and white photo studio, and gorgeous small dogs. It was a healing environment that met the modernity of Gangnam and the definite skyline. 


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