Flower-themed dog-friendly cafe 'Flower Cafe Terry' in Uijeongbu

In May, the season of open green, I visited 'Flower Cafe Terry', a dog-suitable cafe that goes ably gone the hot spring sunlight. Fresh exterior, expansive parking lot, indoor flavor to the front flowers... Take a portray of a dog-easily reached cafe you can visit moreover your dog.

View of the cafe from the parking lot

The sign at the admittance to the dog-easily reached cafe is impressive. The neat building seen from the admittance and the expansive parking heavens are the hallmarks of Terry. The dog-user-user-available cafe Terry is said to have opened in January of this year.

There is a large terrace, both indoors and outdoors. It feels taking into consideration a dog-attainable cafe, Terry, which is visited by many companions who promenade taking into account their dogs, and it feels taking into consideration a hideout for companions who wander when dogs.

Open the gate and go inside. The photo deadened shows the first floor behind a desirability of cuteness, brilliance, warm feeling, and coziness.

The cute first floor

A view of the stairs going taking place to the second floor of the cafe. The top of the stairs is not high, correspondingly there is no strain as soon as mention to speaking the knees, and the sunlight is cunning and hot.

stairs to the second floor

On the second floor where you can see the outside scenery, you can see the interior festooned gone flowers taking into account a flower cafe.

Terry's second floor scene

After drinking a cup of chilly coffee and going beside to the first floor, I was clever to meet 'Terry', the main environment of this blossom cafe. Terry is a 3-year-pass Maltipoo, and the dog-straightforward cafe Terry was named after his dog 'Terry'. 

Terry, the protagonist of Terry, a dog-friendly cafe

Dog-attainable cafe Terry is a added cafe in Jangam-dong in January. I passed Jangam-dong lonely upon the main road as soon as going avowal and forth in the middle of Seoul and Uijeongbu, but once I visited Terry here, I was clever to meet the express of Jangam-dong inside the main road. 

An apartment perplexing was built in Jangam-dong, adjoining Seoul, and the Jungnangcheon Stream flows aslant. Jungnangcheon, a fine place for a wander in an apartment sophisticated... A dog-comfortable cafe 'Terry' has opened here. When the Corona 19 issue improves, the roof severity construction will be carried out to take steps Terry's supplementary expose.

Terrier said that not deserted upon weekends, but moreover upon weekdays, pet owners often visit subsequent to their dogs. Uijeongbu Dog Cafe Terry, a fabulous place to discover an additional side of Uijeongbu companion animal culture.


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