Exciting dog world, Seongnam dog cafe 'Rad Dog'


I visited the newly opened dog cafe Rad Dog (CEO Im Seung-yeop) in Seongnam. I arrived at Rad Dog by car, and the appearance of Rad Dog from the outside is really sleek and good-looking. 

Raddog entrance

It rained last week and the weather was very cloudy, but today it is warm in the autumn sunlight. And I feel that the appearance of Rad Dog in the sunlight is cool. The all-glass building exudes a sophisticated image. 

Open the door at the entrance and go inside. The door has a rectangular opening in the fence that allows it to be locked from the inside as well as from the outside. Sometimes when you go to a dog cafe, it is difficult to open the door from the outside and lock the door from the inside.

As you enter, you can see the Rad Dog building, mini-agility obstacles, and green artificial turf.

The scenery I met when I entered Rad Dog

Enter the Rad Dog building. "Wow!" There is a large open space filled with sunlight. Except for the counter side, the remaining 3 sides are all glass. 

Raddog interior space

Order coffee, take a sip indoors, and drink coffee while admiring the outdoor scenery. 

Inside Rad Dog, the awards and trophies awarded by trainee Yong-seok Choi are displayed. Take a look at the competitions we participated in.

KKC IGP Training Competition, Korea Dog Sledding Championship, National Kenny Cross & Walking Competition, Sky Hounds Classic, Korea Disc Dog Championship Room

Those who are interested in dog training and dog sports are likely to have heard of these competitions at least once. Trainer Choi Yong-seok, who won the prize in each competition, and among the exhibited contents, trainee Choi, who was a 'military dog ​​trainer', can also be seen. If so, that means that at least he has been involved in dog training since he was in the military! 

It would not be too much to say that he is an absolute expert in dog training and dog sports. I promised to come last week, but it rained, so I came to Rad Dog today, but today I came without a call... I can't meet such a gosu today. I don't usually go to the same place again, but somehow I have to come back to Rad Dog to meet Trainee Choi.

Awards and trophies received by trainee Yongseok Choi

Rad Dog is divided into four main areas: the indoor space with a cafe, the front yard of the cafe, the small dog field, and the large dog field. The front yard of the cafe is covered with artificial turf, and there are agility obstacles and parasols. 

In the front yard, dogs run happily. Agility Jump over obstacles and have fun running with friends.

Raddog front yard scenery

There is a small dog playground on the left side of the cafe. The playground for small dogs and large dogs has natural grass, and the playground for small dogs is equipped with a water supply, so you can make your dog drink water.

small dog playground

There is a large dog playground in front of the cafe. Trainer Choi Yong-seok is usually doing dog training here. 

large dog playground

I entered the large dog playground and saw a person doing obedience training. At first I thought it was a trainer working here at Rad Dog, but it was a customer and a dog who visited the cafe. 

The person who was training with Lina Malinois on the playground was a Korean cattle-type trainer from the Korean Life Rescue Dog Association. A trainee lives near a cafe, so he and Lina visit Rad Dog frequently to train. 

We are taking a picture of a Korean beef trainer and our dog Lina, and Shiba friends next to them appear on the screen together. For Lina, who is in the midst of training to fulfill her mission as a lifesaving dog, I think that this kind of participation from friends (?) will also be helpful in carrying out her mission.

Hanwoo-type trainer doing obedience training with his dog Lina

The handsome appearance of the Rad Dog, the spacious interior space, and the green grass that cools you down! I was curious about what the Rad Dog would be like, but after seeing the Rad Dog with my own eyes, I want to give the hardware 100 points out of 100.

If the software of 'the absolute mastery of dog training and dog sports' is added to that!... The impression of seeing the Rad Dog is like a child receiving a generous gift set.

The newly opened dog cafe 'Rad Dog' in Seongnam deserves to be called a multiplayer dog cafe. I hope that they will become companions who can fully enjoy the wonderful software on top of the well-equipped hardware, and support the strong start of Rad Dog, which was born as a doggy hideout in Seongnam.


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