Dog-friendly cafe with a good view along the Imjin River, Yeoncheon 'Gorangpo Story'

Gorangpo Story, a cafe with a good view of the Imjin River

I visited the dog-friendly cafe 'Gorangpo Story' where you can fully appreciate the scenery of the Imjin River in the autumn season of Cheongomabi. Gorangpo Story is located in Jangnam-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, close to Paju-si. 

cafe entrance

Park your car in the parking lot and enter the cafe. When you look at it from the outside, it's hard to imagine what kind of scenery there will be beyond it. 

When you enter the cafe, a notice is posted at the entrance with the explanation of Gorangpo. 

This place, which is also recorded as 'Gogangdo' in old documents, was one of the most prosperous ports in the Imjin River from the Japanese colonial period to the Korean War, and played a major role in the formation of the Gorangpo commercial district. 

It is a place where guinea pigs, salted shrimp, and salt boats, which came up to the Imjin River from the west coast on tidal currents, traded beans, firewood, and grains, which were representative specialties of Jangdan. 

It can be guessed from the fact that there was even a branch of Hwashin Department Store at one time. 

Now, the lush reed forest is replacing the old naru's reputation. (‘Gorangpo History Park’ is in operation where Hwashin Department Store used to be) 

It is said that Gorangpo served as a warehouse for agricultural specialties in the northern Gyeonggi region along the waterway leading to the west coast. I lived in Yeoncheon 10 years ago, but only today can I learn the story of Gorangpo. 

After ordering a drink and stepping outside the building, a completely different landscape unfolds in front of you. 

The image of people having a conversation with the Imjin River in the background... I feel a sense of serenity in the image of people in harmony with nature. 

cafe outdoor scenery

We ordered a cup of coffee and peppermint tea. Drinking coffee and tea, I feel as if I have received an autumn gift from Imjingang. 

Afternoon at Gorangpo Story where you can fully appreciate the beauty of nature

We took a seat on the outdoor patio, with two dogs resting next to us. Judging from the appearance, it is not a common breed. It has a large size and white hair, and it is hard to guess what kind of dog it is. 

When I asked the representative, they told me that the two breeds of dogs are the traditional Korean dog 'Pungsan Dog'. 6-year-old Mongi gave birth to 7 komuli two years ago, 6 of which are adopted and currently living with their 2-year-old daughter. It is said that Mongi and her daughter run around and exercise in the outdoor space for about two hours when all the guests return. 

Poongsan Dog

Seats on the river side overlooking the Imjin River are full of customers. The reason seems to be understood by looking at the scenery of the Imjin River. As I watched the flowing river, time passed by Sinabro. 

You can see people fishing in the river, and a sailboat in the distance. 

Fishing in flowing rivers is called 'fly fishing', and fly fishing is known as the fishing of gentlemen. It is also a type of fishing in which the fish caught without using bait are released back into the water. 

Imjin River scenery

In the story of Gorangpo, visitors to Horogoru were also seen. 

Horogoru is Historic Site No. 467, and is said to be a triangular-shaped Ganganpyeongjiseong Fortress built on a basalt site. It is said that Horogoru, built during the Goguryeo period, provides important data to understand the construction techniques of Goguryeo and the living culture of Goguryeo, along with the structure of the fortress, and was an important strategic location that served as a border between Goguryeo and Silla during the Three Kingdoms period. 

You can see the people who visited Horogoru in the distance

After admiring the surrounding scenery along the Imjin River, take a look around the charmingly decorated gardens. As much as the scenery outside the cafe, the outdoor garden of Gorangpo Story is beautifully maintained. 

Beautifully decorated garden and props

While looking around the outdoor garden, I found a cute little dog. Even a dog who came with his companion seems to like the outdoor garden of Gorangpo Story. It is as if you are fully appreciating the fragrance of nature. 

Dog visiting Gorangpo Story

There is an empty seat by the river, so I move and sit down. And enjoy the scenery of the Imjin River at sunset. Night comes to the Imjin River in Sinabro. Gangtaegongs, who enjoy fishing, are enjoying the autumn in October with the flowing river water. 

Night has come to the Imjin River

Lights come on in the story of Gorangpo, and the surroundings create a different atmosphere from the daytime. 

Looking at the flowing river... I think about how short our human lives will be in infinite time. I thought that this might be the beauty of travel. 

Gorangpo story night view

He returns home, leaving behind the story of Gorangpo, where darkness has descended. The beautiful scenery of the story of Gorangpo and the view of the Imjin River leave a deep impression for a long time. 

Today's time in Gorangpo Story was on an autumn afternoon when we could listen to the story of Gorangpo and Horogoru's history and fully appreciate the scenery of the flowing Imjin River. 

Gorangpo Story Cafe is a place where you can enjoy the scenery of Yeoncheon and Imjin River in northern Gyeonggi Province with your dog.


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