Cheongpyeong dog-friendly restaurant 'Lake Restaurant'

Cheongpyeong dog-friendly restaurant 'Lake Restaurant'

On Sunday afternoon on the way home from the Gapyeong Dog Camping Site 'LinkDog Dog Park', the navigation system guides you to use the national road, perhaps because of the crowds of vehicles returning home.

Driving according to the navigation guide, I see a sign for 'Dog with dogs' on the road in front of Cheongpyeong Dam. 

After leaving Gapyeong and passing Cheongpyeong, I wanted to park my car somewhere to see the scenery of the Bukhan River, but it worked out... I stopped by the restaurant indicated by the sign and had a late lunch.

Scenery around Lake Restaurant

Park your car in the parking lot and enter the lake restaurant. I hesitated for a while because I saw a menu such as 'Baeksuk' from the outside, but they say that there is a menu that you can eat easily by yourself.

As you enter the restaurant, you will see a long table spread out. At the same time, a family was having a meal, and it was very impressive. 

A windshield is installed to block the wind, and a fireplace has appeared around the table. The father, mother, and children who did not look around with the table in between looked very friendly. 

Interior view when entering the restaurant

I want to see the Bukhan River, so I take a seat by the window. Lake Restaurant has two long rows of seats, and the space where dogs are allowed is the outside table that you can see as soon as you enter the restaurant.

restaurant interior

The baekban, which you can easily eat by yourself, comes with rice, side dishes, and stew, along with pork dulchigi. The food came out generously enough to be eaten alone.

ordered alum

Above the window are various menus of Lake Restaurant. Neungi baeksuk, oriental baeksook, chicken stir-fry soup, stir-fried gaboh, rib ribs... After tasting the white rice, I wonder what the other menus will taste like.

Variety of restaurant menu

After eating, I took a closer look inside the Lake Restaurant. 

On the left side of the entrance, the phrase 'Good food' is prominently displayed, and autographs of famous people who have visited this place are also posted on it. 

Lake Restaurant 'Good food'

'Good food'... A wonderful word. I don't think any other explanation is needed. The restaurant does good food, what else needs to be explained!

A table where you can dine with your dog

There is a table where you can dine with your dog. Looking at the chairs placed around the table and the fireplace emitting warmth next to it, I imagine '2021 winter' in my head in advance. It's like sitting around the stove with friends, eating, and talking about things you couldn't finish.

There is a boat dock in front of the lake restaurant. After eating, go out to the marina, and you can see the beautiful view of the Bukhan River right in front of you. On the left side, you can see Cheongpyeong Dam, and right in front of it, you can see the liveliness of the Bukhan River, which is calm and churns like waves. 

Boat dock in front of Lake Restaurant

Autumn scenery of Bukhan River

A place where we met by chance on the road, a place where you can meet the blue Bukhan River and green nature, 'Good food'... It was 'Lake Restaurant', a dog-friendly restaurant in Cheongpyeong where you can go with your dog.


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