A dog cafe subsequent to a fine view taking into account nature, Yangju Jangheung 'Duruduru'

Yangju Jangheung Dog Cafe 'Duruduru'

Duruduru is a dog cafe located in Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, opened very roughly a month ago. If you profit in a car and concern on the zenith of the appendix, you will see a cafe called 'Duruduru' back a round roof. If you are coming from Baekseok-eup, you will arrive the length of from the zenith of the pass and there is Duruduru about the added side of the road. 

cafe entrance

With an impressive round roof, subsequent to you come to a unventilated the appreciation and enter, you are greeted affably by the married couple Lim Yu-jin and Choi A-ram. The couple's dog's proclaim is 'Duru', and the cafe's say is 'Duruduru'.

(From left) Aram Choi and Yujin Lim and their dog

As you enter the cafe, the high vaulted ceiling and the floor ended taking into account little pebbles catch your eye.

High vaulted ceilings and small cobblestone floors

It is said that the couple Lim and Choi remodeled the building that had been made of loess into its knack form more than the course of four months. Overall, it gives a buoyant feeling and an exotic melody.

After looking approximately the cafe, I order a cool coffee at the counter. 

all over the counter

On the counter, you can see humorous stickers such as 'I'm alarmed', 'I'm sorry for barking', 'Welcome to people', and 'No snacks'.

Customers who visited Dururu put this sticker regarding their dog's clothes or hair, and a little sticker such as an adding together auxiliary to the dog's cuteness.

At the mannerism in of Durduru, there is a banner introducing Lim Yeong-rae, a pastry chef. It is said that the chef in achievement of making bread is currently receiving technology and know-how from Master Lim Young-rae, who is Korea's 'No. 1 confectionery master'.

bread from all over

Master Lim visits Duruduru following a week and makes bread together. The bread made in this mannerism is displayed in the manner approximately the left subsequent to viewed from the retrieve. 

After ordering drinks and looking at the air where bread is placed, understand on a seat in a corner of the cafe. The cafe interior behind a vaulted ceiling and little pebbles makes you feel as if you have traveled to somewhere in the estrange.

interior view of cafe

While drinking cool coffee, a pleasing Bichon Frize blows away a million dollar smile. This cutie Bichon's proclaim is 'Woody'. Seeing the 'No Snacks' sticker in relation to Woody's head puts a smile upon his slant.

Cute Bichon Frize 'Woody'

With two cool cups of coffee, you can see the scenery outside that blends in behind you. Move your gaze along the uncovered scenery and go external. When you relationships the admission, there is an outdoor terrace following chairs and a photo zone outside.

Behind the props (pass TVs) set going on as a photo zone, you can see a faintly tall mountain. If it's a mountain in the paperwork seen from Jangheung... It's probably Bukhansan... On a unqualified hours of hours of daylight, it seems to be more usefully visible.

I see a high mountain through the window

outdoor terrace scenery

While bright the outside scenery from the terrace, the dogs who have visited the cumulative place are dispensation and playing when option partners. 

Dogs playing on the outdoor patio

If you turn the corner at the decrease of the terrace, you can ensue the outdoor playground related to pretentious turf. At the outdoor playground, companions who visited Duruduru furthermore their dogs had epoch following their dogs.


Durduru is currently under construction upon a large playground where dogs can control nearly freely. When the construction is completed taking place for September, dogs can control in this area in a larger way of creature.

A view of the outdoor playground

After taking a appearance a propos the outdoor terrace and playground, 'Wooddy' returns to the home and sees the choice dogs. The pronounce of the Bichon Frieze is 'Angel', and the names of the two Bedlington Terriers are 'Loa' and 'Love'.

It seems that it would be a fine place to call Duruduru a area to receive a describe of a dog, and it seems that the photos came out comfortable because the models liked it.

Angel, Loa and love

The second floor of Duruduru has not been opened yet, but this space will be used as a studio in a little even though. Lim Yu-jin, CEO of Duruduru, is a professional photographer taking into account 20 years of experience. Since CEO Lim has been taking pictures past he was in studious, can't you imagine how comfortable his passion and skills in photography must be?

CEO Lim is planning to understand pictures of pets as behind ease as portraits by decorating the ventilate upon the second floor of Duruduru as a studio... ' Duruduru, what are you not dexterous to get?'

Props related to photography are on display on the second floor.

Durduru, a dog cafe in Yangju Jangheung that just opened! Here's a summary of what I private college even though visiting the area.

The dog's declare is 'Duru.' Around September, there will be a large playground and studio. The bread of Duruduru contains the technology and know-how of the No. 1 pastry chef in Korea. The photos at Duruduru are taken by a professional photographer as soon as 20 years of experience.

I looked it taking place in the dictionary and found that Duruduru is a inflexible Korean word meaning 'everyone, everything in the vicinity'. Dog Caf Duruduru... As the proclaim suggests, you can vibes the effort and passion of the members to contain all their impinge on a pedestal for dogs throughout the cafe.

interior view of cafe

About 10 years ago, I passed this road several time to add Seoul. On the road I returned to after period passed, I met a dog cafe called 'Duruduru' that is subsequent to flora and fauna. 

On the habit pro going on after meeting Duruduru... I have a fine feeling that 'Duruduru will be loved by companions, and it will become a pet hideout and likeness in Jangheung'... And this feeling must be a feeling everyone feels. Thinking nearly it, I publicize hello to 'Duruduru' and head rest.


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